Updating frames with paint and glazes

I love refurbishing old things and making them work again! Someone asked if I could help salvage some frames that didn’t match her bedroom anymore and faux finishes are one of my favorite things to work with. Three of her frames had a silvery finish and the 4th was very gold. She wanted them to meet somewhere in the middle and havemore brown in the background. So here is what I did:

1. I lined ’em up and painted them all brown,  just in a messy fashion, no rhyme or reason! The brown paint I used was a small paint tester from the paint store, but any craft paint will do!

2 After that coat dried, I took a small piece of sea sponge, (Can’t live without that!), found on Amazon or your local paint store. Just click the pic to order on Amazon. and dabbed some of the Antique Bronze Modern Masters Paint available @ Amazon, just click the pic to order.

  3. After that dried, then I applied  Blackened Bronze Modern Master’s paint by DRY BRUSHING it on. To dry brush, lightly load brush with paint, then wipe off some on paper towel, then make strokes across embossed edges of frame for highlighting.  Also found on Amazon…just click the pic to order. 4. Adapt colors as desired and the amounts of metallic needed for your own project!

Voila, new frames!


About thedivaofdiy

There's a country song by Terri Clark called "I WANNA Do IT ALL"! Well that is me, folks! I am never content with just ONE project, I wanna try em ALL! I am a hairdresser by trade, a wife and mother of 8! Yes, I said 8! Birthed em all myself! I have a few creative bones in my body, am always thinking of what I can do next. If I see something I like, I won't buy it, I will, instead, try to duplicate it! I have made stained glass, reupholstered furniture, faux painted, sewed, do interior decorating, you name it, I wanna do it! I am an AVID couponer (HATE paying full price for anything!), teach a couponing class and appear on our local tv station's morning show on a MONEY SAVING segment, I am a BREAST CANCER SURVIVIOR, and embrace every minute of my wonderful life!
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