Don’t waste money on a full pot, when all you want is one cup!

I love this little machine! About 4 years ago I bought each of my adult kids a keurig Single cup coffee pot for Christmas!  That was the BEST gift I have ever given! Not only can you use the k cups with an assortment of brews and flavors, you can also use your own favorite coffee grinds which saves bunches of money! After all, this blog is about money saving tips too! My favorite thing about the Keurig is that I am the only coffee drinker in the house, so making a whole pot of coffee is wasteful! There are new and improved units available now, but my original Keurig is still brewing great coffee! Check ’em out on Amazon today! p.s. I also recommend the extra little brewing filter cup! Click the picture to check out the options. I totally love this little machine!



About thedivaofdiy

There's a country song by Terri Clark called "I WANNA Do IT ALL"! Well that is me, folks! I am never content with just ONE project, I wanna try em ALL! I am a hairdresser by trade, a wife and mother of 8! Yes, I said 8! Birthed em all myself! I have a few creative bones in my body, am always thinking of what I can do next. If I see something I like, I won't buy it, I will, instead, try to duplicate it! I have made stained glass, reupholstered furniture, faux painted, sewed, do interior decorating, you name it, I wanna do it! I am an AVID couponer (HATE paying full price for anything!), teach a couponing class and appear on our local tv station's morning show on a MONEY SAVING segment, I am a BREAST CANCER SURVIVIOR, and embrace every minute of my wonderful life!
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